Article I

The name of the association shall be the Highland Lake Association, Inc.

Article II

The location of the association shall be Washington and Stoddard, New Hampshire. The mailing address shall be P.O. Box 1011, Washington, New Hampshire, 03280.

Article III

The purpose and objects of the Association shall be:
  1. To unite the landowners of the Highland Lake Association, Inc. (formerly as Highland Lake Shores, Inc.) in Washington and Stoddard, New Hampshire as shown on plans recorded in the Sullivan and Cheshire County Registries of Deeds to the general betterment of owning land or residing in the area, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing to:
  2. If voted, to own, lease, rent, buy or in any other way acquire the roadways, beach areas, boat launching and mooring areas and other common areas of said development as dedicated to the use of the owners or firms. To maintain, repair, improve, develop or in any other way to keep and better said facilities.
  3. If voted, to work together and with administration agencies of any government to enforce law and order in the area to protect the water of the Highland Lake from pollution, to encourage the propagation of fish in said lake, to protect the lands and aesthetic nature of the area and to promote in any reasonable way the general good and welfare of the members and the area of Highland Lake.
  4. If voted, to raise money, by subscription, dues, by gift or any other means to spend the same as may be reasonable to promote and accomplish the purposes aforementioned.
  5. All bills to be paid must have the approval of the board of directors. All bills must be paid by check and signed by the treasurer and co-signed by the president.
  6. No member is to let any non-paying member or camp have use of their boat launch key.

Article IV

The powers of the Association shall be to do any and all things allowed to be done by voluntary associations under new Hampshire R.S.A. 292 as from time to time amended to accomplish the purposes and objects above set forth.

Article V

There shall be no capital stock in the Association, however, certificates of membership may be issued and a register of members kept by the Clerk or Secretary.

Article VI

The member of the association shall be open to any person or persons or their respective spouses (including corporations) owning land in the development formerly known as Highland Lake Shores, Inc. in Washington and Stoddard New Hampshire and lake shore owners on highland Lake provided, nevertheless, that such person or persons shall comply with all provisions of the Articles of Association.

Article VII

The management of the Association shall be in the first instance in the members, as may be set forth in the By-laws of the Association and further,
  1. A President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary who shall have the duties, powers, responsibilities usually incumbent on the office.
  2. The shall be Board of Directors consisting of not less than five (5) and not more than eleven (11) members, including the four elected officers, which board shall have complete authority to act for the association in all matters, provided that they may not vote to assess any special dues or charges on the membership, or modify these articles without majority vote of those present and voting at a duly called and properly warned meeting.
  3. The officers and directors shall be elected at the annual meeting by a majority of the members present. The retiring President shall assume a position on the Board, not included in the seven elected members. (A phrase was delete which would name the retiring President as Chairman of the Board).
  4. The President shall not serve in office for more than four (4) successive terms.
  5. Vacancies, including Directors, shall be filled by a majority of the Board of Directors to serve until the next annual meeting.
  6. Should the President not be available, the chain of command shall be as outlined in clause A (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) (previous clause read that the president would designate a member to act in emergency situation).
  7. Article VIII

    The President shall issue a call for the Annual Meeting of the Association to be held in the month of June of each year. Such meeting shall be held at a convenient place within the Town of Washington or Stoddard, New Hampshire, unless another place be designated in the all of the meeting. Each member shall have one vote regardless of the number of lots he or she may own and assessments to be based on each membership. Members shall be allowed to vote by proxy.
    1. A Board of Directors shall meet for seven (7) consecutive months, on the second Saturday of the month, beginning in April. A quorum of 50% of the members of the Board is required in order to vote on any item.
    2. In addition to calling the Annual Meeting, the President may call an emergency meeting when deemed necessary.
    Each household or camp is to have a single membership. Each membership is to cover one (1) camp only. There shall not be any membership to cover more than one (1) camp.

    Article IX

    All membership dues shall be due and payable prior to the annual meeting in June.
    1. Dues must be paid for each membership to be eligible to vote on Association business or for a member to participate in any Association business or use any Association facility.
    2. Special assessments or charges may be voted by the members for the accomplishment of any of the purposes of the Association. Such assessments, once voted, shall be treated as dues payable.
    3. A business audit committee, consisting of three (3) members, shall be selected at the Annual Meeting. At least one (1) member must be from the Board of Directors.

    Article X

    Association facilities shall be used and enjoyed by all members, families, and guests, subject to such reasonable restrictions and conditions as may be placed on such use by the vote of the members. Such use shall be limited to members whose dues are current and their guests.

    Article XI

    These articles may from time to time be amended by majority vote of those voting at any Annual Meeting of the Association, provided notice is given of the proposed amendment prior to such meeting.

    Article XII

    The purchase of land known as “Wild Lake” will be managed by a subcommittee. The Board of Directors will appoint this subcommittee. We, the undersigned certify that we are of lawful age, do hereby associate together according to the articles hereinabove and respectfully request that the state of New Hampshire recognize said association as a voluntary non-stock association in accordance with New Hampshire R.S.A. Chapter 292. Dated at Washington (or Stoddard), New Hampshire the ______ day of ______ in the year ______ (Name) (Address)